The result of our Ocean House logo is a strong, friendly brand identity with many positive lifestyle attributes.

about pineapples

Logotype: Ocean House Typeface

• The typeface has its shape origin in the “O” in the square.
• The typeface embodies a more modern position.
• Rendered in all caps reinforces the visual strength.

Logo: Circle in the Square with Pineapple
This element will be the recognized symbol of Ocean House
appears on our gates.

• The “O” is the Ocean and the “square” is the House.

• The Pineapple represents welcome home, hospitality and friendliness.
A little history on the Pineapple. The name was first referenced by explorers in 1664. The fruit is a coalesced series of parts, much like our Ocean House community. Pineapples were imported to europe by ships from Brazil hence the Welcome Home reference. Sailing from Brazil to England in the late 1600s and early 1700s was very hazardous. During the early 1700’s it was also very expensive to import and
cultivate pineapples. Due to the expense, pineapples became associated with Wealth. Only kings and the very rich could grow them. After cultivation in Hawaii and Florida in the early 1800s the Pineapple was used on dining tables as symbols of Hospitality, Good Cheer and Neighborliness. They were used over and over as table center-pieces during formal dinners. They were rarely eaten.


Tag Line: Beachfront Island Lifestyle
This sets the style and tone for the website and the entire condominium community.

Beachfront is an obvious choice, we are right on the beach.
Island communicates enclave, haven or retreat.
Lifestyle implies prestige, status, a quality way of living.

Taken together Beachfront Island Lifestyle communicates a relaxed, simpatico, and amiable society that is harmonious and congenial.


We're happy to announce our website. The web address is: www.OceanHouse579.com. Log on but remember we will be adding enhanced copy and updated photos. Let us explain how we arrived at the logo, logo type and tag line.

development of ocean house identity